Bartender Reduces Tax Debt by Over 96.8%

TaxRise settles liability for 3.2%

| August 27, 2020

College Park, Georgia – The team at TaxRise successfully reduces a bar tender’s debt and releases her from the lien on her property.

Experts have claimed that the US tax code is perhaps the most complicated in the world. The code itself is 74,954 pages long and is constantly changing.

For the average taxpayer, it is not uncommon to make a mistake while filing, but your mistake will be met with consequences.

Marguerite Spears is a bartender from Georgia. She, like plenty of other Americans, made several mistakes while filing her taxes. However, the IRS is always eager to collect from taxpayers and equally quick to hand out penalties.

The tax code is very complicated and the IRS is quick to hand out penalties for incorrectly filing your taxes.

Marguerite, a W-2 Wage Earner, wasn’t taking out enough taxes throughout the year and, as a result, she owed significantly more taxes at the end of each filing year. After multiple years of this happening, she began to accrue a sizable debt of $15,315.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

TaxRise received Marguerite’s case at the height of the pandemic lockdown. Consequently, negotiating with the IRS was a slow and arduous process.

However, our tax experts weren’t going to sit idle; we got to work right away. When TaxRise prepares a client’s case for the IRS examination, we make sure that the case is as strong as possible. To build a strong case, we oftentimes require lots of documentation from our clients.

The professionals at TaxRise made themselves busy by cross-referencing all the important documents and analyzing Marguerite’s case to determine which relief program was the best fit for her financial situation.

TaxRise used various financial documents from Marguerite to create the most optimal case possible.

Like many of our clients, Marguerite was understandably frustrated with how long the tax resolution process was taking.

Nevertheless, she was cooperative and instrumental in creating an ideal case to present before the IRS.  

As we neared the end of our process, two misfortunes struck Marguerite. First, the IRS placed a lien on her property. Secondly, she was hospitalized. Yet despite these setbacks, TaxRise was able to use Marguerite’s hardships to strengthen her case before the IRS.

The End Result

TaxRise was able to negotiate with the IRS and settle Marguerite’s $15,315 debt for $500 – a savings of over 96.8%. Additionally, the lien on her property was lifted.

See Marguerite’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

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