How $106,000 In Back Taxes Settled For Only $100 (A TaxRise Pro Bono Success Story)

In 2022, TaxRise took on a tax debt pro bono case. As a company that specializes in providing tax relief, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible resolution with the IRS. Here’s how we settled Yvonne’s debt for only $100.

Yvonne A., who lives in California, was kind enough to allow us to publish her story below. 

 How Back Taxes Started Snowballing

Yvonne’s story is similar to many Americans that turn to TaxRise to help. 

Her computer died in 2014 and she lost many important documents that she needed for filing her taxes. Yvonne revealed the last time she filed taxes was in 2013. 

In 2020, Yvonne got COVID and was put in the hospital for 40 days. She suffered complications and remained on the ventilator for the majority of her stay. Once she was deemed fit to leave, Yvonne left with neuropathy (nerve damage) and had to learn how to walk again.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get physical therapy like she was supposed to, due to the virus. So, with no other option, she had to teach herself. She ended up moving back in with her parents to get the level of care she needed. Though her battle with the physical effects of COVID has improved, she still has a long road ahead of her.

Pro Bono: How TaxRise Helped

Once Yvonne received a letter from the IRS for owing $69,000 in back taxes, she tried to figure out how to get her finances back in order. After spending several hours on hold, the IRS outlined the steps she needed to take, but Yvonne still had no idea where to start.

This is when Yvonne reached out to TaxRise and spoke with one of our tax analysts. After hearing her story and the struggles she went through, the tax analyst took the case to upper management. Management decided to take on Yvonne’s case as pro bono. 

We filed all of Yvonne’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020. The total back taxes increased from $69,000 to $106,059.69!

After partnering and explaining Yvonne’s case to one of our best tax professionals, and made contact with the IRS. TaxRise submitted all of the proper documentation and advocated on Yvonne’s behalf.

After going back and forth, the IRS agreed to settle the case for only $100! In fact, TaxRise was able to give Yvonne one of the best resolution options possible — an offer in compromise (OIC).

We announced this wonderful news to Yvonne over a video call, and she broke down in tears and thanked our TaxRise team profusely for doing her case pro bono.

We’re glad to have helped Yvonne during a difficult time in her life, and TaxRise can help you too! If you owe the IRS back taxes and don’t know where to start, check out our free tax consultation!

Offer In Compromise – Quick Summary

For those who don’t know what an offer of compromise is, it’s one of the three most popular resolutions offered by the IRS Fresh Start Program.

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How TaxRise Can Help You

Have you also endured hardship? TaxRise can help you reclaim your life from the IRS. We offer a free tax consultation to help you understand where you stand with the IRS. 

From this quick call, you’ll be able to determine if you qualify for our services and which tax relief program will work best for your unique situation. We help advocate for the best relief outcome possible.
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