Alexis's Case Study

70-Year-Old Retires with her IRS Issue Finally Resolved

TaxRise settles debt for over 98.2%

| September 19, 2020

Alexis León* spent the majority of her life as a single mother bouncing between jobs. For her entire career, she went through seasons of great employment and seasons of mediocre jobs.

While one year she’d be working temporary jobs struggling to get by, the next year she’d have a secure job with good pay.

Alexis always tried to build up enough money to pay off her debt, but she was unsuccessful.

Alexis’ top priority was paying off her debts to the IRS, but because of the constant and unintentional job switching, she was never able to make a dent in her liability.

The IRS applies interests and penalties to delinquent tax filers and on unpaid taxes. The longer a debt exists, the larger it becomes over time.

Finally, at the age of 70, Alexis was let go from her job on account of the COVID-19 lockdown measures. With $27,484 in debt, all she wanted to do was retire without having to owe anything to the IRS.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

Alexis’ tax issues were not the result of one event, but a history of being unable to pay off an every-growing tax liability.

Due to her particular situation, the TaxRise team needed to gather a considerable amount of information.

Whenever TaxRise negotiates with the IRS, we make sure we have a sufficient amount of evidence to ensure the best resolution possible for our client.

TaxRise collected a large amount of information from Alexis to help us negotiate with the IRS.

For Alexis, we used the paperwork from her bankruptcy discharge including, the date and chapter, her divorce decree, even her most recent paystubs.

Despite our quick and detailed efforts – the government was shut down. Alexis was rightfully concerned as to why our process was taking longer than anticipated. The TaxRise team kept her updated on the state of the IRS, and advised her to send all IRS mail to us.

When the IRS at last reopened, they agreed to our proposal and settled Alexis’ $27,484 debt for $500.

The End Result

TaxRise helped Alexis retire with her tax liability behind her by reducing her $27,484 debt to $500 – a savings of over 98.2%!

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* Client’s name changed for privacy.