Bill's Case Study

Texas Cook Saves Thousands With Tax Relief!

TaxRise reduces tax liability by 96%

March 25, 2020

Bill is a cook from Texas. He fell into some trouble with the IRS from unpaid tax years. This is a common circumstance that happens to even the best of us.

Unable to cover those unpaid taxes, Bill accrued an owed balance of $16,031.

The IRS seeks out their money relentlessly, hounding and pestering citizens by phone and mail with threats of liens and garnishments.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

Bill found TaxRise and pre-qualified by taking a brief survey in 2017. Upon qualifying, he was matched with a Case Worker and attorney, backed by a team of experts, to come up with a resolution.

While his attorney was in touch with the IRS, they were legally not allowed to contact him for any reason regarding his unpaid taxes.

After a lot of figurative teeth pulling with the IRS, they agreed to settle Bill’s debt for 3% of what he owed!

Bill’s balance was reduced from $16,031 to $500. That’s 96.9% money saved!

The End Result

His story ends with a devoted team helping him file to avoid future mistakes, and him gaining his financial freedom.

Surely anyone can handle their debts on their own, but working with TaxRise can provide solutions that you would have to see to believe!

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* Client’s name changed for privacy.