Blaire's Case Study

Retiree and Her Disabled Sister Resolve $10,000 Tax Debt for $500

TaxRise settles tax debt for 4.9%

| October 29, 2020

Louisiana – A retiree had a block put on her driver’s license by the State and, the IRS threatened her with a lien, but with the skill of TaxRise, we resolved her tax debt.

No matter where one might be in life, if you have outstanding tax liabilities, the IRS (and sometimes the state) will eventually come after you.

For Blaire* neither the State nor the IRS cared that she was a retiree – they wanted their due money. Blaire had been trying for 15 years to repay her back taxes to the federal government; they had even garnished her SSI.

However, no repayment plans the IRS or Louisiana proposed were within her limited budget.

For 15 years, Blaire and her sister could find no way of repaying their tax debt.

Eventually, the State suspended Blaire’s license (unbeknownst to her initially), and the IRS sent a letter threatening to place a lien on her property and her bank account.

Blaire owed over $10,000 in tax debt, had crippling osteoarthritis and asthma, and was the primary caregiver for her disabled older sister – they were in desperate need of financial assistance.  

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

Upon receiving Blaire’s case, TaxRise sought to return Blaire into good standings with both the State and the IRS.

Our objective was not going to be easy but seeing as Blaire had trouble walking due to ger osteoarthritis and was now unable to drive, we needed to succeed.

First, TaxRise invoked the Power of Attorney for our client and began negotiations with the State of Louisiana. To remove the license block, she needed a 10% down payment ($1,098) and would then need to enter into a monthly payment plan of $450/month for 24 months.

Unfortunately, Blaire could not afford this initial proposition. TaxRise returned to the drawing board and devised another repayment plan.

After much back and forth with State and IRS, TaxRise devised a resolution for our client.

If Blaire (with our help) filed her taxes for 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013, we could potentially lower the balance due to Louisiana, and thereby enter her into a more affordable payment plan.

Our plan was a success; the State agreed to a lower payment plan of a $300 down payment and $150/ month. Thus, the State removed the block on her license.

TaxRise switched our attention to the IRS and started negotiations for an OIC. Our tax excerpts skillfully articulated Blaire’s plight and the IRS agreed to an OIC.

The End Result

Blaire began with over $10,000 in tax liability and a blocked license. With TaxRise, we settled her tax debt for 4.9% – a savings of over 95.1%. Now, she and her disabled sister only have to repay an affordable $500!

See Blaire’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

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* Client’s name changed for privacy.