Federal Government Employee Released from Wage Garnishment

TaxRise resolves tax liability by 96.4%

| August 15, 2020

New Castle, Delaware – TaxRise skillfully negotiates a federal employee out of both a wage garnishment and lien, all while reducing her tax debt.

Whether you work for the public or private sector, TaxRise will not discriminate. Our mission is your freedom.

Gaynell Jackson is an employee of the federal government, specifically the Department of Veteran Affairs. Gaynell, much like many other Americans, had accumulated a lot of bills. She had medical bills, car payments, and electrical bills (which were particularly high due to the cold Delawarean winters).

To adequately pay all her bills, Gaynell knew she would need to take on another job. Unfortunately, she was not able to get overtime. 

Gaynell had lots of unpaid bills and expenses that exasperated her debt.

Her income was not enough, and she shortly received a notification from the IRS announcing that they were going to begin garnishing her wages at $200 a paycheck.

Compounding her troubles further, the IRS placed a lien on her property. At this point, Gaynell had approximately $14,046 in debt and knew she was going to need help.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

At TaxRise, we don’t just try and land our clients in another payment plan, we work to get you an offer in compromise – the most ideal tax resolution possible.

However, to be qualified for an offer in compromise, you must be compliant with the IRS. That is, you have to have all of your taxes paid and filed. This was the situation with Gaynell.

TaxRise helped Gaynell get in good standing with the IRS.

As the July 15th deadline of 2019 was fast approaching (an extension from April 15th), the TaxRise team worked with Gaynell to get her in good standing with the IRS.

Simultaneously, the tax experts of TaxRise were compiling Gaynell’s documents and files to build the best case possible for the IRS. The case was so good, that the IRS accepted to not only reduce Gaynell’s debt but also release her from her wage garnishment and lien.  

All that was left was for Gaynell to become compliant with her 2019 payments. After which, Gaynell’s $14,046 liability was settled for $500!

The End Result

Gaynell was released of her wage garnishment, the lien on her property, and her debt of $14,046 was drastically reduced to $500 – a savings of over 96.4%!

See Gaynell’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

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