Stevens's Case Study

Retired Couple Settles Over $20,000 in Tax Debt for $500!

TaxRise reduces tax liability by 99.7%

April 23, 2020

Kyle and Barb Stevens were relying on disability for years, and so they hadn’t filed taxes for a few years. Then, he and his wife dipped into their retirement accounts and decided to file those years.

After receiving poor advice from another major tax company, the couple decided not to take taxes out of the money they received from the retirement accounts. Instead, that company was going to get them a deal with the IRS to not owe anything. That company failed Kyle and Barb.

They could not set up an arrangement and became indebted to the IRS.

$14,400 in federal taxes owed, the spouses came to TaxRise in 2018.

Over time, that amount can accrue interest bringing their balance as high as $20,000.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

Luckily, our experts at TaxRise wasted no time. We went straight to work, learning the ins and outs of their history and negotiated a resolution that worked best for them.

One of our highly qualified tax attorneys presented a solid case to the IRS for an OIC (offer in compromise) that was accepted by both parties.

OIC's are not easy to attain, but we knew this couple needed someone to fight in their corner.

The End Result

Now, only two years later, the Stevens are completely debt free after paying only $500!

Our Senior Resolution Officers and attorneys are superheroes, fighting the IRS on your behalf.

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* Client’s name changed for privacy.