Sven's Case Study

Disabled Vet Is Freed from Garnishment and Levy

TaxRise reduces tax liability by 97.7%

| June 25, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona – TaxRise frees Sven of wage garnishment and levy, giving him some peace during his retirement.  

Sven Levison* is a disabled veteran who served dutifully in the Army. Sven returned to civilian life and begun living with his wife in Phoenix. Eventually, he had to retire on account of his disability.

Although he was ‘retired’ he still had to work part-time to pay the bills. Despite his efforts, he wasn’t making enough, and his years of unpaid and unfiled taxes were beginning to catch up to him.

Sven's personal story didn't mean anything to the IRS. He owed them money, and they were going to collect.

One day, Sven opened up the mail to find a letter – from an organization that no one ever wants to be on the receiving end.

The IRS informed Sven that they were going to begin garnishing his wages until he was compliant. Furthermore, he also received a notice with intent to levy his property.

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

Immediately upon receiving Sven’s case, the professionals at TaxRise got to work establishing the right to Power of Attorney.

This right, also abbreviated as POA, prevents the IRS from sending letters or attempting to collect from the taxpayer while they are under the protection of a third party.

Next, we needed to release Sven of his garnishment and levy and resolve Sven’s liability of $21,206. So, we crafted an offer in compromise to be sent to the IRS.

Sven owed a $21,206 liability and the IRS was threatening to garnish his wages and levy his property

As the TaxRise team was hard at work, some unexpected events hindered our process. First, Sven sent us word that his identity had been stolen. This theft forced Sven to reset much of his financial information; communication between us was stalled.

Then, another bizarre occurrence slowed our resolution procedure when Sven’s old girlfriend added his name to her property so that she could refinance it.

Once that fiasco was dealt with, the TaxRise team presented our offer in compromise to the IRS.  

The IRS and Sven accepted the agreement. His tax debt was settled for $500 – a savings of over 97.7%!

The End Result

The TaxRise Team released Sven of his garnishment, levy, and liability. His $21,206 debt was reduced to $500 – a savings of over 97.7%!

See Sven’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

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* Client’s name changed for privacy.