Disabled and Unemployed Missourian Settles $8,313 Tax Debt for $100

TaxRise resolves tax liability by 98.8%

| July 28, 2020

Joplin, Missouri – Thanks to the expertise of TaxRise, William was saved from paying his tax liability of $8,313 in full.

Over the years, TaxRise has observed that one of the main reasons why people fall into tax debt is because of medical issues. William Kirby of Missouri was no exception.

Before William’s illness got out of hand, he worked at General Dynamics and had a solid means of income. Unfortunately, in 2011 the symptoms of his mental illness began to manifest out of control.

Unable to work, William discovered that he had extreme mental health issues due to his Bi-Polar disease.

Like many of our clients, William's medical condition contributed to his debt.

William began treatment in 2011, but that was just the beginning of a long and grueling battle. As of 2016, he was receiving $1,279 in social security because of his inability to work.

Additionally, he was getting food stamps, and his Medicare payments were being paid by Medicaid.

Unfortunately, these aid programs were not enough to pay all of his bills and emergency expenses. In April of 2019, William came to TaxRise with $8,313 in debt and no means of paying it off.  

TaxRise's Resolution Strategy

While William’s debt was relatively small compared to most of TaxRise’s clients, his disability and unemployment made success a necessity for his case. We could not let William be forced by the IRS to pay his debt in full.

First, our tax experts filed William’s taxes for 2017 and 2018 so that he was compliant for an offer in compromise. William did try at this time to find an internet business so he could begin to make income. Alas, he was unsuccessful.

TaxRise compiled a large list of William's documents to present before the IRS.

The TaxRise team then worked alongside William to compile a comprehensive list of documentation. These included doctor’s notes, unemployment papers, social security payments, Medicare paperwork, etc.

All of these documents would serve as evidence when we later negotiated with the IRS.

Once we had organized all essential paperwork, TaxRise’s pros were ready to present William’s case before the IRS. In the end, our hard work paid off, and William’s debt was wiped out!

The End Result

William’s original liability of $8,313 was reduced by 98.8% resulting in a final payment of only $100!

See William’s signed Offer in Compromise Below!

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