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Not all tax issues are the same, so why treat them as they were?

Back taxes are taxes that still have a balance due or are only partially paid. Typically, if you owe back taxes, the IRS will send you a notice with the amount you owe, a due date, and the consequences of not paying. If you do not know how much you owe, you can contact your local IRS office online and ask them. Read more–>

Filing tax returns each year is one of the most complicated financial commitments wage earners must make. And when a taxpayer knows that filing their taxes will result in a tax bill they cannot afford; it is a natural reaction to forgo filing their taxes out of fear. However, not filing one’s taxes is one of the worst things a taxpayer can do if they owe back taxes. Read more–>

An IRS notice is an official letter from the IRS to a taxpayer. There are several reasons you may receive a notice from the IRS. It could be that you missed a deadline or incorrectly filed your tax returns. Whatever the reason, it’s important not to panic and instead determine what the IRS is asking and what action you need to take. Read more–>

A Wage Garnishment is a court-ordered instruction that mandates your employer to withhold a specific amount of your paycheck and have it sent to your debtors until you pay the liability in full. TaxRise covers how much the IRS can take, how you can stop a garnishment, and when you’ll need professional help. Read more–>

While often conflated with a tax levy, a tax lien is a public statement – not a seizure – that the IRS has authority over or rights to assets because of your federal tax liability. A lien notifies creditors that the government has a legal right to your property. We’ll go into detail about how a lien will affect your finances, how you can remove one, and if a tax professional is necessary for success. Read more–>

A levy, not to be confused with a lien, is a legal seizure of your assets or property to repay or satisfy an unpaid liability. While traditional levies require a collection agency to obtain a court order to move forward with a levy, the IRS itself has the power to authorize levies to collect delinquent tax balances. TaxRise will explain what assets the IRS can seize, when and how the IRS issues a levy, how to remove a levy, and when you might need professional assistance. Read more–>

When you file for innocent spouse relief, you can be relieved of the financial responsibilities tagged on to you from your spouse. These responsibilities would include any taxes, interest, or penalties that resulted from your spouse improperly inputting on their tax return. TaxRise will cover who can qualify for innocent spouse relief and if you’ll need to consider hiring a professional. Read more–>

Filing your taxes each year can be a daunting task. You can try the “Do-It-Yourself” method and risk missing out on substantial deductions that you deserve…or worse – you could end up inadvertently owing money you don’t have. Or, you can have your taxes done correctly the first time through TaxRise. We will fill you in on why you should choose TaxRise to file your taxes and the required financial information. Read more–>

Tax season is not the time to cut corners. Whether this is your very first year filing business tax returns or you are a veteran business owner, it can be a frustratingly difficult experience. Incorrectly filing could be the difference between closing up shop and giving out the bonuses your employees deserve. Rather than file your business taxes on your own, you can have TaxRise ensure that your taxes are correct the first time. Read more–>

TaxRise knows that resolving a tax issue is the very last thing you want to be worrying about – especially in our day and age. Let TaxRise be the experts you turn to with your tax issues. Our veteran team has over fifteen plus years of experience in the tax relief industry and countless hours in the trenches achieving resolutions with the world’s most powerful collections agency.

When resolving any tax issue – knowing what you’re dealing with is most of the battle. To keep our clients informed and educated, we have written detailed explanations of the most common tax issues. Learn more about your specific tax-related issue, how to move forward, and how TaxRise can help. 

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