For Your Security

TaxRise takes the privacy and security of its members’ personal information seriously. We maintain administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to protect your information’s security, confidentiality, and integrity.

How TaxRise Secures Your Information 

We protect the personal information you provide online in connection with registering yourself as a user of our website. Access to your own personal information is available through a unique user ID and password selected by you. This password is encrypted while transmitted from your browser to our servers and while stored on our systems.

Whenever we save your personal information, it’s stored on servers and in facilities that only selected TaxRise personnel and our contractors have access to. We encrypt all data that you submit through TaxRise’s website during transmission using Transport Layer Security (TLS) in order to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing such information.

Remember – all information you submit to us by email is not secure, so please do not send sensitive information in any email to TaxRise.

We never request that you submit sensitive or personal information over email, so please report any such requests to us by sending an email to

Steps you Can Take to Help us Keep your Information Safe

There are many steps you can take to help us keep your information safe.

Use Strong Passwords 

First and foremost, choose complex, independent passwords for each website and service you maintain an account with. This helps keep any breach of any of your accounts isolated to one service.

Also, don’t use anything related to your birthday, address, phone number, PIN, or any other easily guessable information in your password.

To protect the security of your personal information, never share your password with anyone. Please notify us immediately if you believe your password has been compromised.

Take Caution When Using Public Computers

TaxRise urges you to take caution when using public computers or networks, like at a coffee shop or library.

To best protect your personal information and login information, don’t use such computers to access your sensitive accounts, and if you must do, ensure that you log out of your account entirely.

Watch out For Suspicious Emails

When either you or we update information in your account, such as the status of a loan application, we typically send you a notice of these changes via email or text message. In recent years, individuals, businesses, and even governments have seen a rise in “phishing” attacks.

Phishing occurs when someone attempts to obtain your password or other sensitive information. Scammers often do this by impersonating a trusted user or offering a compelling reason to open a malicious email attachment, click on a link, or give over information.

We never ask for your sensitive personal information, such as password, over email, or other unsecured methods or through any site not under the domain.

Please notify us at if you ever receive suspicious correspondence from us.