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“I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to have been given this second chance. I’m thankful to be back in a position where I don’t fear bankruptcy or debt collectors and instead I can focus on my work and my family. Thank you, TaxRise!!"

Charles always went to his local CPA to file his taxes each year and trusted that the job was done correctly. But when Charles got targeted for an IRS audit, it was revealed that his CPA had misfiled a number of elements of his tax return which revealed — much to his and his wife’s horror — the large tax bill.

So, we got to work. The strategy behind Charles’ reduction was a team effort. We first needed to stop the threat collections activities, so we worked on placing Charles in a Currently-Non-Collectible status. Then we began forming his settlement strategy which resulted in his debt being resolved for only $650.

With some hard work, we pulled off one of the largest savings in TaxRise history!

50 %
Total savings
$ 200000
Total tax debt
$ 0
Settled for
50 %
Total savings
$ 200000
Total tax debt
$ 0
Settled for

TaxRise Case Studies

We have hundreds of successful cases, here is a list of all the case studies ever highlighted.

Unemployed Colorado Divorcé Resolves Wage Garnishment

College Football Coach Resolves Lien and Tax Debt

Retired Nurse Defeats Social Security Levy

Widow Resolves Back Taxes and SS Garnishment

Retiree and Her Disabled Sister Resolve $10,000 Tax Debt for $500

Domestic Abuse Survivor Reduces Tax Debt by 99.9%

$1,000,000 Tax Debt Settled!

Metal Fabricator Removes Lien with TaxRise

Retired Nurse Defeats Social Security Levy

College Football Coach Resolves Lien and Tax Debt

After a foreclosure disaster, retiree settles $800,000 debt

Single Mom Overcomes Both Creditors and Landlord

Philadelphia Native with Years of Unfiled Taxes Finds Debt Relief

Wage Garnishment Lifted for Fence Installer

Machine Operator with Failed Family

Unemployed Colorado Divorcé Resolves Wage Garnishment

Unfavorable Candidate for Tax Relief Settles Tax Debt

Self-Employed Truck Driver and Wife Resolve $24,511 Tax Debt

Homeowner settles $68,000 IRS debt for only $548

Realtor’s monthly $7,000 Installment Agreement reduced to $400.

Musician Resolves Lien Amid COVID Unemployment

Disabled Vet Is Freed from Garnishment and Levy

Retiree Has One of the Largest Savings in TaxRise History

Disabled and Divorced Veteran Resolves $41,843.23 Tax Debt

Despite History of Unemployment, Hopeful Retiree Settles $10,080 Debt

Retiree Resolves Levy and Settles $10,000 Liability for $500

Nursing Assistant settles $13,510.89 liability for $500

Tax Liability Reduced, Wage Garnishment Lifted, and Bank Levy Released for Veteran

Small Business Owner settles tax debt of $36,000 for $500

Police Officer Resolves Liability and Saves Home

Unemployed Man Battling Lung Cancer Settles his $16,887 Debt

Breast Cancer Survivor Settles $6,833 Liability for $100

Small Business Owner Settles $27,440.32 Tax Debt for $994

Retiree resolves levy and settles $29,032.01 liability for $100

Kroger Co Night Stocker resolves $5,397.49 tax debt for $100

Driver/ Store Associate settles $87,143.60 liability for $4,332

Unemployed and Disabled Taxpayer Settles Debt for $100

Retired Veteran Resolves $17,637 Debt for $500

Security Serviceman Resolves Wage Garnishment and Settles $178,065.65 Liability for $6,372

W-2 Nanny freed from Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy

83% of Social Security Tax Debt Forgiven

Self-Employed Mother’s Tax Debt Reduced by 90%

Texas Cook Saves Thousands With Tax Relief!

Dog Walker Pays Only 4% of Tax Debt With Relief Program

Breast Cancer Fighter Takes on IRS and Wins

The IRS Couldn’t Stop This Supermom from Saving 97% in Tax Relief!

Pastor settles $206,000 IRS tax liability for $650​

$202,881 Reduced to $500- Avoiding Prison

Delayed by the IRS Shutdown, but saved 98%!

$21,115 Reduced to $500 in Victory for 2 Survivors

Injured Worker Reduces Tax Debt by $21,000

99% Of Liability Forgiven in Audit-Gone-Wrong

School Teacher Settles $52,874 for $500

Maryland Woman Saves Thousands on Installment Plan

Disabled veteran settles $142,021.64 IRS tax liability for $500

$23,329 Reduced to $500 for SS Recipient

Casino Dealer Dealt a Bad Hand Reduces Tax Debt by 60%

Retired Couple Settles Over $20,000 in Tax Debt for $500!