Our Mission

TaxRise is here to assist Taxpayers achieve the best resolution to their tax issues and do it faster than anyone else. 

The world of debt relief is shrouded in fraud, stress, and complexity. For the TaxRise founders, they wanted to light a fire amid that confusion and chaos.
From the beginning, the TaxRise Team has had one mission in mind: your freedom. We’re dedicated to helping people who struggle with tax debt resolve their tax problems painlessly and with the expertise and empathy that they deserve. You want to get back to your life and experience the bliss of being tax debt free – and that’s exactly what we aim to accomplish.
Our innovative approach positioned around a settlement-focused strategy has helped us become America’s fastest-growing tax relief company. The TaxRise team is composed of tax veterans who strive hard every day to secure our clients with the best resolution possible. We pride ourselves on offering our clients responsive and excellent service.
TaxRise is laser-focused on our clients, but so too are we intentional about the people we bring on board our team. By assembling talent from across the world and leveraging cutting edge technology and solutions, we have provided a convenient and honest means for our clients to obtain real tax relief.
No matter how deep in tax debt you may be, TaxRise is confident that we have a solution for you. Whether you’re a W-2 filer, self-employed, a small business owner, retired, or unemployed, our tax experts can represent you before the IRS. While penalties and collection letters may have discouraged you, we work to reinspire confidence in you again. TaxRise doesn’t work for the government – we work for you.
Above all, we are true to our company’s mission, and we won’t be deviating from it anytime soon.

Our Operating Values

Our success is not only due to our innovative, two-phase approach to tax relief; it is due to our core values, which have guided us through every hardship and led us to every victory.

These are the seven operating values we live by:

Never Stop Learning

No one is perfect, and if you think you are, you’re shutting yourself off from growth opportunities.

Simplicity Is Genius

Sometimes a little is a lot. Complexity does not always equate to quality.

Customer Dedication

We must always be prepared to deliver unrivaled solutions for the real problems plaguing our clients.

Lead Our Industry

“I’ll settle for second place.” – said no conqueror ever. 

Today, Not Tomorrow

Indolence breeds failure. If you’re not willing to do what needs doing now…then when?

Do the Right Thing

No shortcuts – stick to the highest standard of integrity, without compromise.

Stronger Together

We are not a collection of random people; we are a team dedicated to our customer’s financial freedom.

Our Guarantee

100% Resolution Guarantee or Your Money Back

As a TaxRise resolution client, we guarantee enrollment into a tax resolution or your money back.

TaxRise cannot guarantee a specific result with the IRS or any state agency, nor do we guarantee to obtain any result within any particular period of time. The tax debt resolution services are subject to IRS and state agency taxpayer eligibility requirements, based on IRS and/or state agency rules and timelines. The timing and availability of a tax resolution with the IRS and/or state tax authority is contingent upon you providing complete, accurate, and timely information and any additional materials necessary to finalize the resolution.

It is our guarantee that your TaxRise team will provide the best possible outcome for your case. We will stand by our work, knowing that we gave our greatest effort with each case.

TaxRise provides a team of experts to handle your case with the IRS. Unlike other tax companies, we recognize that each client’s case is unique, and everyone will not qualify for the same resolution. It is our guarantee that your TaxRise team will provide the best possible outcome for your case.

Achieving the best resolution possible is sometimes a long process, but TaxRise remains consistent. We guarantee that we will stand by our work, knowing that we performed at our best with each case.

We don’t just work for our clients; we work with them. TaxRise guarantees to keep clients informed with every step of the resolution process. Your TaxRise team will not act without your consent.

Your trust in TaxRise is not taken for granted. We are honored to assist you, and value your business.

Thank you for choosing TaxRise. Welcome to the team.

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